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It is 2035.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg has dramatically improved access to opportunities with an earnest effort that began one generation ago. The Queen City and its home county have climbed from the lowest rankings of the largest US communities for economic mobility to the top tier of American economic mobility.

People, families, companies and industries continue to choose Charlotte-Mecklenburg as a place to build a future because twenty years earlier, the community committed to broadening access to economic opportunity for all residents.

The sense of shared purpose unleashed by this focus drove progress on a range of challenges in education, housing, health and social issues in the community that have ultimately resulted in greater opportunity and mobility for many residents.

In 2015, the economic mobility challenges were surprising to many, given the strength of the economy.  The reality may have been hard to accept.  The underlying issues appeared difficult to address.  Looking back, the positive impact of a focused, collaborative, sustained effort to boost access to economic opportunity has moved our community forward and contributed to the sustained growth and prosperity of the region.

A recent Spring 2035 update of economic mobility rankings shows that the Charlotte area is in the top 20 of American metropolitan areas for economic opportunity, giving hope to many that the American Dream is alive and well in Charlotte and Mecklenburg County.

In 2035, what kind of community do you see?

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    What kind of community do i see in mecklenburg county in 2035. Exactly the one you have described, but the question is how will we get their. The real truth is that this study was and is about black people, the upward mobility of african american people. The truth is that the majority of people in mecklenburg county is african american people, yet this study dosen’t mention any race. the real problem with the wealth issue is that subprime and predatory mortgage lending, robs minorities of their wealth. How many times have you heard that homeownership is the first step to wealth creation.The simple truth is that with homeownership wealth is passed from generation to genaration, witch leaves more wealth to invest in tha family. Subuprime and predatory mortgage lending has robbed the citzent of mecklenburg coutny of their wealth, witch has made upward mobility impossible. The good news is that the subprime and predatory mortgage lending probles has been solved. Today the biggest secret in american mortgage financing is that their are new mortgage programs, thats been described as the best kept secret in american mortgage financing. These programs was desigend for the poor. I belive that in the very near future these programs, will create affordable. I also belive that this new mortgage technology will open up the houseing market to people with know credit. I have alot more to say but I’ll stop here, until i find some one that really cares.
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